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Ethical Veterinary Care 

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We do magical things at Vets 1.

We also do science.

But what we do best is care.

We care massively that you have found us and walked through our door.  We care that your much loved companion gets the best medical and surgical support available and we care that you leave feeling as if you have been hugged (literally and metaphorically).

We also care about our community. West Norfolk is home to all who work at Vets 1.  Some of us born here, others have relocated and now wouldn’t dream of leaving.  We accept that our little part of this green isle is a bit odd, and that suits us just fine.

As Managing Director of Vets 1 it falls on me to ensure that you are happy with every element of our service.  I may not personally meet you but I am aware you exist and I would want to hear from you on any matter that needed a senior ear.  So please, don’t ever hesitate to call, email or write to me.  I will respond immediately.

Katharine Power BVetMed MRCVS
Managing Director
Vets 1 Group