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Back in 1986. The Veterinary world changed. Deregulation of the profession saw the emergence of corporate ownership, the effects of which we are yet to see come to a conclusion but which most people have formed an opinion, one extreme way or another.

Quietly in 2013.

Vets 1 launched.

No fanfare. No drum roll. Just a single Vet working a large animal client base out of her dining room with her trusty Subaru parked on the driveway.
Then something strange happened. Rather than follow a traditional veterinary business model, Vets 1 became a crazed Luke Skywalker, informing Yoda that his tried and tested route to becoming a Jedi sucked and that he was off to change the world in his knackered X Wing fighter craft.

Since 2013, we have chosen not to force open battle with the corporate empire, instead we have conducted a Guerrilla war on our terms, and thankfully, stiffed the empire at every turn.
So what does this mean in real terms and for those of you that have never spent time in the Star Wars galaxy and really haven’t a clue what I am talking about.

July 2019. Vets 1 is a team of approaching 40. We are `100% small animal. Average age of the team is 28. We work out of a 10,000 sq foot, 200 year old barn that houses two sterile and one dental theatre. We don’t charge clients’ for euthanasia. CPD for all team members is uncapped and encouraged. We launched our referrals business in March 2018. We tackle mental health issues head on and have a counsellor visit monthly providing one on one support. We are an RCVS Approved Small Animal Veterinary Hospital. We have a CT machine (called Olive) and a full time Radiographer (called Amy). We eat a lot of Pizza and drink a lot of wine. We punch above our weight and, the best thing, truly, the best thing, our award winning practice doesn’t look like a veterinary practice.

Now stop.

We are not recruiting for our main hospital. We are recruiting for Vets 1 Kings Lynn. A new location that will be built over the winter and opening in the spring of 2020. Also with two sterile and one dental theatre, full lab, spacious wards, four consult rooms and populated with a group of Vets 1 originals that will take our brand and culture out into the wide world to break new ground. And guess what, Vets 1 Kings Lynn will also, not look like a Vets Practice.

We plan on appointing now so that time can be spent immersed in Vets 1 culture before heading out into the brave new world.

Want to join?

Good. But you probably have questions. That’s a good thing.

Please send CV and questions to simon@vets-one.co.uk