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Hello All

We live in strange times and our dogs are living in these times alongside us.

Furlough, bubble, shielding, lockdown, isolation, rapid tests – all words that this time last year we didn’t use or we used with very different meaning. I think its West Ham supporters that sing, “I’m forever blowing bubbles”. Not only are they currently not singing it together in the stands, I am not sure if blowing your bubble is the right thing to do anymore…..

It’s a myth that dogs need just exercise. In addition (like us humans I guess) they need mental stimulation. The article attached (please follow the link) is written by Lisa Hird from the Dog Behaviour Clinic

Lisa is the sole dog behaviourist that we work with at Vets 1, and for good reason. She couples common sense with practical advice. In the article she gives advice and guidance on how to keep your dogs grey matter ticking over, which, if you find yourself in a strict lockdown situation might be highly useful.

Enjoy x

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