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There is no NHS for your much loved companion

  Veterinary care is improving year on year and what our veterinary surgeons can do to repair and improve the quality of a patients life is truly amazing and when something goes wrong you learn the true value of that service.  For us to provide state of the art facilities, a trained and experienced team and around the clock care, we need to charge you a fee.

Etty, a young French Bulldog recently suffered a serious injury to the C2 vertebrae in her neck. Fortunately she wasn’t paralysed, but she very easily could of been. Her bill for out of hours care, surgery, CT, general anaesthetic and 24 hour ICU care was £7250.00.  Please, please insure your pet with a reputable insurance firm and ensure you have at least £10,000 per annum worth of cover.

All invoices MUST be settled at point of treatment or if insured, the policy excess MUST be paid on discharge and a completed claims form handed to the team. If you cannot afford to pay you must notify us before any treatment or surgery occurs.